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Same Day Abhaneri Stepwell Tour

Same Day Abhaneri Stepwell Tour

Tour Plan

Full Day Tour (10-12 Hours)

Jaipur- Abhaneri Stepwell(Dausa district) – Jaipur.

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  • 1 Place : Jaipur- – Jaipur.
  • 1 Place : Abhaneri Stepwell(Dausa district)

Tour Overview

Enjoy full day trip to Abhaneri. On reaching this village, you will see the step well, a unique concept of India, big tanks which were used as cool places of resort and water reservoirs. It was constructed in the 9th century and has 3500 narrow steps in thirteen stories and is 100 feet deep. After this, you will visit Harshat Mata temple, which is regarded as the goddess of happiness who spreads joy to the entire village.

Tour Itinerary

  • 1 PLACE : Abhaneri is a village in the Dausa district of Rajasthan state in India.

    The place is popular for the Chand Baori stepwell and Harshat Mata Temple. The village was originally named Abha Nagari, ("City of Brightness"), but over time the name evolved to its present form. Originally ruled by the Chahamanas of Shakambhari, the area was later conquered by Muslim invasions under Mahmud of Ghazni and later ruled by the Mughals. Later the Maratha conquered the area. Abhaneri is small in size but attracts tourists from across the globe.

  • 2 PLACE : The Chand Baori is one of the oldest, deepest, and largest baoris (stepwells) in Rajasthan

    The oldest parts of the structure date back to the 8th century and significant additions were made in the 18th century. The Harshat Mata Temple is located near Chand Baori. It was a ritual to wash hands and feet at Chand Baori before visiting the temple. It is dedicated to Harshat Mata, the goddess of joy and happiness. It was constructed in the 8th century.

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